iCare: making every day Women’s Day

Mother, sister, wife, daughter- differ by names but plays the same role of taking care. A family or society, on a broader aspect, is incomplete without the contribution of women. Hard to imagine a day without your mother cooking, isn’t it? But how many times have you really gone and asked her if she ate her food or took her medicine. We take them for granted sometimes, thinking that it’s their ‘responsibility’ and they ‘have to’ do. But nowhere do we have a task list specifically for them. It is not their ‘duty’ to cook dinner after a long day at work. In this age of feminism and gender equality, when both men and women are earning a monthly salary, then ‘responsibility’ cannot be aimed at one. However, it’s still overlooked and the entire ‘responsibility’ has to be borne by the women.

Round the clock, she manages her career, household chores and family. As a result of toiling, her health starts reacting negatively. She starts losing her bone and muscle strength, faces hormonal imbalance and stresses out. We can’t let the superwomen experience a degenerated health. So, a lot of research by erudite minds churned out the comprehensive supplement drink, from the house of IndusViva, for women above 35 years of age. Loaded with Ayurvedic ingredients such as Curcuma, Boswellia, Asparagus and Valerian, iCare in true sense, takes care of the womanhood. It consists of natural herbal ingredients and nutrients suitable for overall women wellness.

iCare is a magical potion, crafted specifically for the matriarchs to provide them with an idyllic life. This exceptional elixir is known for hormonal wellness, osteo wellness, psychological wellness, immune wellness, cosmetic wellness and gut wellness.

Hormonal wellness:

  • Helps to cope up with symptoms of PCOD, pelvic inflammatory disease, post-menopausal disorder and relieve painful menstruation

Osteo wellness:

  • Helps in conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis, maintain bone mineral density and reduce aches and pains

Psychological wellness:

  • Helps to normalize mood swings, control depression, stress and anxiety, reduce panic disorder

Immune wellness:

  • Helps to improve immunity, protects against infections, helps to cope up with anaemia

Cosmetic wellness:

  • Helps in dermatitis, blemishes and wrinkles, helps maintain skin health

Gut wellness:

  • Helps in liver detoxification, improves digestion and metabolism, reduce gastritis and acidity

Shout out to all the womenfolk struggling and surviving daily. iCare is here for your care!

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