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I have never written a review but this product is worth writing for. I used to have severe pain pre and post my menstrual cycle and used to take 4-6 meftal per day for 5 days, but after a month use of this product no pain and trust me never took meftal pills … I recommend this to girls women having this trouble cause chemicals can just complicate things …
iCare, it’s like a blessing in the form of potion. As a working professional, I have irregular and hectic work schedules. No proper meals, stress and depression, my body became weak and I started having menstrual issues at a young age. When my best friend told me about iCare, I started taking 30 ml of it twice every day. You can’t believe it worked like magic!
Savitha Hariprasad
I heard about iCare from a friend who received lot of relief from back pain after taking iCare. I heard it has a lot of benefits so I decided to start taking it. As I work in front of a computer all day I experience sever fatigue by the end of the day and my eyes are very dry. Because of this I am unable to sleep well most nights. After ordering the product it was delivered smoothly on time. I really liked the packaging with its bright colours. After drinking iCare for 3 weeks I started noticing a difference in my sleep patterns and energy level. I no longer felt tired at the end of the day. I plan to continue using iCare for my overall health!
Reena Issac
I started using iCare because it is Ayurvedic. I have used many prescription medicines in the past and only found little solution and always had a lot of side effects. Due to my PCOD problem I face menstrual irregularities. I have gained a lot of weight in the last few months. I was shocked when my menstrual cycle became regular and my hormonal imbalance was slowly managed. With balanced diet and exercise I even started losing weight

Shruthi B.S
I used this for 3 months. My cycle get very wonky in winter. This helped my cycle get back in routine. Though it did not do anything significant for other issues like cramps and acne during my periods. In fact my acne has become extremely bad(though not sure if it was these capsules or not). I stopped taking them once my cycle was back to routine for 3 months.
Sangeetha Prem Kumar

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