Hormonal imbalance

Common causes of hormonal imbalance include: lifestyle, hormone-based treatment and psychiatric medications. Based on statistical data 80 percent of women suffer from hormonal imbalance. Some women live with these imbalances without even realizing it. In fact, 70 percent are unaware of conditions like PCOD that may have manifested due to hormonal irregularities.

Bone and Joint aches

Common causes include bursitis, or inflammation of the cushioning pads around joints, lupus& gout. It is reported that 68% of the population over 35 years suffer joint pains.


Compared to men, Women are more likely to report symptoms of stress, including headaches and upset stomach. Women are also more likely to have mental health conditions that are made worse by stress, such as depression or anxiety. Almost half of all women (49 %) surveyed said their stress has increased over the past five years, compared to four in 10 (39 %) men.

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